Monday, September 8, 2008

The Shack

I am a reader as well as a runner. Unfortunately, I tend to "race" through my books, especially the good ones, and then I have to go back and read them all again - at least once. Anyway, that aside, I just finished reading The Shack by William P. Young ( I figured after being told about it twice in two weeks by people who no idea about the other, that I had best get a copy quick and see what it was all about. Particularly, mind you, since both of those persons are near and dear to my heart and have demons, struggles, and tragedies with which they are currently dealing.

So, as I am listening to my friend Maggie telling me about this book she has just finished - the only thing she has been able to concentrate on since losing her son to a drowning accident a little over two weeks ago - I am drawn back to the conversation I had with Chuck one early morning as the sun was coming up about the book he had just finished reading. There are commonalities between these people: they are both runners; they are both firm in their faith; they both have children; they are both either from or live in Southern Georgia; and I know them: separately.

Twenty four hours post-purchase, I can tell you that this is a read well worth your time. I did not know prior to hearing of this book that it was listed in the "Christian Fiction" genre. But, after having read it I can see no other way to classify it other than Best Seller. This book puts God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in some of the most human of situations and yet reinforces all that we read in the Bible: about God's holiness. It is amazing! I can see now why my friend Maggie found it so compelling to finish, and why it was a comfort to her in many respects. I can see where we all have our "shack" that brings us to our face-to-face with God. Or, as many people put it: a "come to Jesus meeting." I found it enlightening to know that the Trinity is a unified being, yet three different personalities or faces of God. The descriptions of each face of God are right on; and quite illuminating for those of us (read especially me here) who may be confused by the nature or existence of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I can't nor will I tell you anything plot-related, but I highly recommend you read this book and urge you to visit to learn a bit more about the author, the story, and "The Missy Project."
Happy Reading!

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