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It seems that part of being part of teams like Big Sexy Racing, Quintana Roo, Honey Stinger, and CEP Compression and a coach involves introducing and re-introducing myself on a frequent basis:  who I am, what I do, why I do it.  Most find that I am more proud of My Boys and my athletes than myself, and I don't post a lot of "what I do" all the time.  It's more likely you'll hear about my family and coached athletes rather than news about me.

About Lori

I have been an active member of the Tallahassee running community since the fall of 2002 when I jumped into running with both feet and trained for my first half marathon.  I bring my enthusiasm and commitment to the local running and triathlon communities and athletes seeking my guidance all over the world; as well as my passion for endurance sports.  Having qualified for and completed multiple Boston Marathons in addition to full iron distance triathlons, I am fully aware of the importance of finding the team that "fits" each person’s personality and how a knowledgeable, creative, understanding coach is paramount to the success of the athlete.  Incorporating fitness and a nutrition plan into a healthy lifestyle are very important to me, and as a Lydiard Certified Level I/II Coach, I am eager to help other athletes also reach their running/triathlon/endurance goals.

Lori's Story

I began my running "career" at age 35 (in 2002) when training with a long-time friend of mine, who pleaded with me to become her running partner in order to keep her motivated and focused on her goal.  Shortly after our first half marathon, she stopped running for a time while I continued running half marathons - frequently with my mother, who is a breast cancer survivor.  This friend, a few years later and nearly 100 pounds lighter, came back to running.  She went into it "gung ho" for her first marathon while I remained a "halfer" and took on Team In Training as a Team Mate and later as a Mentor and then Team Leader.  Along the way I "picked up" people who ran with me, or I ran with them depending on your point of view, who were looking only for a consistent pace and a positive mindset during the runs.  I became what I call a Companion Runner.  I didn't run a single race for myself or for an intentional PR until I decided to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  And, even then I had a difficult time swallowing that I was allowed to run for me and for a selfish, personal goal.  Beginning in September of 2009, I set out with really only one goal in mind:  Qualify for Boston, and PR in every distance I could before Boston 2011.

I am married to a police lieutenant who has been by my side and supported me "no matter what" for more than 25 years.  An accomplished athlete himself, he also has "sipped the kool-aid" and is dabbling in Triathlon.  On his 50th birthday last fall he completed his first Olympic distance and has fallen even further into the sport than I thought possible - most recently training for MiamiMan 2016.

I am the mother of a 2015 Team USA ITU World Championship competitor and the Youngest Competitor at the 2013 Ironman World Championship (Kona, Hawai'i).  My then 18 year-old son qualified for Kona at only his second 70.3 and had the rare privilege of standing on the podium with both Craig Alexander and Pete Jacobs in Hawaii June, 2013.  His Kona experience was what not what he had trained for, hoped for, or imagined.  But, he DID race, and he DID cross the finish line.  And, by his own admission, did NOT go to the med tent as did do many others that day. He and two team mates (Shannon Coates - Team Timex, and Kate Harrison) were blessed to race and have their coach, Chuck Kemeny - IMWC Finisher, 2009, Ultraman World Record Holder (set in February 2014), present with them the entire journey.

56:12 swim time - top 100 overall
In the hot corner -
no passing zone leaving T1

Yep, that's the finish chute.
He did it!

My 15 year-old son has stepped up his game from year-round swimming to varsity high school swimming, local cross country, and from kids' tris to "game on" adult sprint distances.  Already placing in the 19 and Under age group(s) he is ready to follow in his big brother's footsteps and see where the multi-sport world will lead him.  I can only imagine where we will be with him in just a few years.  He could be even faster than his brother.
2013 Race The Rez - Tough Tri Guy

Finish Line at Gulf Coast Triathlon

Waiting for his YTS wave to hit the water.
Post track workout with the Big Bro'

Still my little boy:  snuggling in the big bed.


Now, 14 1/2 years later, I am a multi-time finisher in Boston and an "ironman" thrice over.  I am a running and triathlon coach working with some of the best athletes all over the world; I was qualified by more than 12 minutes for the 2014 Boston Marathon; and finished the 2015 Beach2Battleship course in 12:19:32I recently SURVIVED Ironman Chattanooga (144.6 miles) and I am currently training for USAT Long Course National Championship.  This year I have had the rare joy of training with a dear friend who has been in chemo and radiation for the better part of the last five years and wants nothing more than to simply cross the finish line of a 140.6 again.  I can't deny her the feeling of wanting to accomplish that.  As her training partner and coach, I'll be right there with her every step of the way.
I am not the "uber" competitive athlete my son is.  But, I have a heart for all things endurance sport related.  I hope to share with every single one of my athletes my passion for helping the person next to me do their best and achieve their biggest goals.  I find as a coach I am once again in the privileged position I am most comfortable with:  The companion runner (swimmer, cyclist, runner, training partner); the eternal "Pollyanna."

Race times that Lori is particularly proud of:
1 Mile -- 6:38.67
5K -- 21:59
10K -- 45:47
15K -- 1:10:30
10 Mile -- 1:17:11
1/2 Marathon -- 1:41:21
30K -- 2:32:11.54
Marathon -- 3:42:37.31 (Tallahassee Marathon)
70.3 -- 5:42 (Gulf Coast 70.3)
140.6 -- 12:19:32 (Beach2Battleship)
(144.6 - IM Chattanooga -- 14:38:05)

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