#KonaKid - All This Triathlon Stuff is His Fault

August, 2008, Tropical Storm Faye, Georgia

There was one "local" fatality.  That boy happened to be a member of the same swim team as my older son.  Oh, but there are stories ... 

January, 2009, Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club Indoor Short Course Invitational Swim Meet, Florida State University

The meet was re-christened as the Mac Crutchfield Short Course Invitational.  My son earned his second Junior Olympic time cut there and called the boy's mother to tell her.  She was on the pool deck when he dove in three weeks later for his first swim at his first Junior Olympics meet.

January, 2015, Mac Crutchfield Short Course Invitational Swim Meet, Florida State University

My son is now a member of the swim team coaching staff.  Yet, his love of photography keeps him very busy when "his kids" are not in the water.  The link below is to a "highlights" slide show from this weekend.  The spirit and atmosphere of a swim meet are often lost in translation to a two-dimensional photo.  I think he brings LIFE to these pictures.  They flow from him.

In the summer of 2004, Colin joined the Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club.  It was a long road from "Gold Group" to the Ironman World Championship.  Somehow, over those 9 years he grew, got fast, found triathlon, and learned what it means to "pay it forward."  The next decade promises to be nothing short of spectacular for Colin and his chosen endeavors - not just triathlon, but college, and life itself.

He's come a long way from the Dothan, Alabama, swim meet days.  This is where he earned his first "JO" time in the 1000 yard freestyle.  First row, second from the right.

Red Hills Triathlon, 2010 - His father's first triathlon.
Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club - where he has spent nearly all of his non-school and non-sleeping hours since 2004

Turkey Trot Water Stop Volunteer - Thanksgiving 2011

Up hill out of T1 at IM 70.3 Honu - June 1, 2013

On the bike course:  IM 70.3 Honu

IM 70.3 Honu Finish Line
IM 70.3 Honu Awards with Craig Alexander and Pete Jacobs

2013 Ironman World Championship Finish Area with Coach Chuck Kemeny and Team Mate Kate Harrison
Three Generations of Athletes:  2013 Ironman World Championship Finish Area

2014 Red Hills Triathlon:  just before the swim start
2014 Red Hills Triathlon:  Flying into T2

2014 Red Hills Triathlon Finish Line - 3rd Overall

Instructing the next generation.  Swim lessons with a RevTri Kids Team athlete.

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Mac's "SwimSTRONG" Foundation
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