Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Many Faces of My Michael

Today is "my honey's" 45th birthday. I sometimes can't believe that I have known and loved him long enough to see him reach 45. You see, I am easily bored and distracted by the numerous "shiny things" in life. "Until death us do part" seemed like an unbearably long time when I first heard it. Now, it is one of the parts of us that I love the most. And, recently I have found it interesting that my sister and I (completely different in nearly every aspect of our lives) have married men who are remarkably similar. Not just in stature, but in their dispositions, their commitment to both career and family, and then yes in looks.

Mike, me, Tanya, and her husband James
(October, 2007 when they were married)

My Michael also is patient and nurturing. He spends extraordinarily disproportionate amounts of time with our sons given the amount of hours he sees the daylight. He minds not teaching them how to make funny noises or building complicated medieval weapons with them. Yes, he will even show them how to take sneaky "I'm hiding behind a bush so you won't see me" pictures with the camera-phone (see below).

He loves his job and more often than not would rather teach (discipline: both positive and negative) than punish - even when a punishment is more deserved or warranted. The squad below has been "his squad" for nearly a year if not longer. He is currently preparing to hand over supervision to a new sergeant as he readies to move "inside" to the Vice Unit. Yet another side of him yet to be explored and appreciated by all who touch his world.

He has many different faces; many different sides; many different personalities - all of them wonderful and loving and giving and fabulous.

Happy Birthday! I love you!

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