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Welcome to the "Training" page of my somewhat sporadic blog.  Here I hope to share with you the success and stories of those who have chosen, for whatever reason, to train alongside me, be coached by me, or just hang on for an "E-Ticket Ride" during my various attempts to conquer the endurance sport world.

Please feel free to e-mail me any story, anecdote, or testimony of your athletic wonders so that we can all clap-happy for you and with you.  Pictures are welcome and always add to the beauty of a person's story.

Thank you!

Neil S. (Retired Brigadier General, U.S. Army)

Lori is a superb coach, and I highly recommend her for experienced athletes and novices alike. She has a command of all four disciplines of triathlon -- swim, bike, run, nutrition/hydration. She understands technique, motivation, and steady, thoughtful development. She has a great sense of humor and low key positive reinforcement of your effort. She improved my 70.3 time 40 minutes in three months, and this past year in only five months she brought me back from two very serious surgeries to performances better than I experienced before the surgeries. Did I mention you can't find a better coach?
Gulf Coast Triathlon Training Camp - April, 2015

Jason B.

I have the up most respect for Lori and what she does within the regional triathlon community.  I really like her interaction and bubbly personality.  I like that she has fun with the sport and can be serious at the same time.  I entered the sport of Triathlon after a hobby of building show cars.  It is a great release and therapy for my PTSD from the military.  The team work and camaraderie in the sport of triathlon makes me feel like I’m part of something again.  So thank you for extending your passion to me.

I chose Find Your Finish Line for many reasons.  Lori and I were friends through triathlon community. We met at a IM Florida training camp 2014 and there was just something about her approach and attitude when instructing and connect with the athletes.  Over the next couple of year 14-15 I would occasionally check in with her and see how she was doing or bounce a question off her.  She would poke back a little about possible coaching in the future and well this year  I took the bait and I’m hooked.  I am not a runner and figured since running is her strength, that she would be a great fit.  She was able to guide me in a direction that I felt leaned heavy on running.  Which was what I wanted. 
In 2016 I have seen that I’m in better shape that I have been in the past. Through my experiences this year, I have been given a new drive for 2017.  I am going to continue with Lori because she is not just a coach she is a friend.  A team has been built between us.  I think this year my communications will be a little bit different.  I understand more this year but I will lean on my coach a little more for feedback and that kick in the butt when I need.  But that only comes with time.  Each time you work with someone that connection and communication grows and will improve both the coach and the athlete. 

I am grateful that Lori had agreed to coach me for 2016 and I am stoked that I will be back in her corner for 2017. 

IMChattanooga Swim Exit

Kelly S.

"Let's get this party started!"  And with those words I knew I had found my coach.  I am just a regular 40 something year-old girl with a full-time job and a family.  I knew I'd never be a competitive racer, but I wanted a way to get and stay in shape, have some fun, and test my limits without getting hurt.  I had no idea where to even start. Lori listened to my concerns, frustrations, fears, and whining and helped me figure out a training program that I could follow considering my obligations to work and family.  Lori took me from a complete non-athlete to a Chicago Marathon finisher my first year, and to an Ironman Augusta 70.3 finisher the next.  She has helped me to develop confidence, minimize anxiety and recognize my true capabilities.  It is without a doubt she is an incredible coach and person.  I also love that she is not coaching from the sidelines; but that she's out there training, competing, and racing. She is an incredible coach and person.

Ironman 70.3 Augusta (Georgia) 2013

Christy M.

"This past season working with Lori has been amazing. I felt stronger and more confident going into my race then I ever have before. She not only has helped me with my physical training but mental training as well. Looking forward to working more with her this coming year!"

Bryan L.

“I’m still early in my coaching program with Lori, but so far – it’s been outstanding.  I was having a rough season when we spoke – difficulty with finding time to get workouts in with ‘real life’ getting in the way and difficulty with translating my workouts to results.  I was coming off of an injury and all signs were pointing to the second half of my season being completely scrapped.  With Lori’s help, I was able to get back to a good state of fitness and have some success in later season races – including three podiums in races I did not expect to compete in!  I can’t wait to see what I am capable of under her tutelage in 2015.”

Colleen M. - Ironman 70.3 Augusta (Georgia), September 2014

When I signed up for the Augusta Half Ironman, the longest triathlon I had completed was a Sprint. I got caught up in the excitement of the sport and thought, “I can totally train myself using an online program!” 14 or so weeks out from the race, I was in a panic. Enter Lori.

Lori took me from “This was the worst idea ever” to a strong and fun first 70.3. A coach should be at once both encouraging and challenging, and Lori is both. She helped me achieve the goals and managed to not just train my mental and physical endurance but to develop my joy for the sport.

Insane schedule? Lack of self-confidence? Tons of trips out of town, endurance injuries and late night panic attacks? I had all of them, and Lori patiently and consistently helped me work through them from a distance. She was always available, quick to respond, and her feedback always got me through whatever hump I was currently having.

Not to mention her detailed bike and run training, which kicked my butt – safely – and helped me feel GREAT and completely prepared during the race, but to beat my target time and feel great after I hit that finish line. My weakest sport is the running, and Lori’s expertise here was invaluable. Her use of intervals and target ranges was new to me, and worked wonders for improving my run.

My experience with Lori was fantastic, and she was a major factor in the fact that my first 70.3 experience was as exciting and fun as it was. Working with Lori, my biggest problem was trying to reign myself in afterwards and not register for all the races I could find! Do I recommend her? Absolutely. Will I do another 70.3 or run a marathon? Not without her coaching me!

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