Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Runner's Ten Commandments

I am sure, in fact very sure, that most of us have heard most of these before today. However, I always like them, so they are today's "insight." I find my self guilty or succumbing to many of them frequently. I think I'll try to be better about that.

1. Don't be a whiner. Nobody likes a whiner, not even another whiner.
2. Getting out of bed (walking out the door) is often the toughest part of any run.
3. Don't make running your life. Make it part of your life.
4. During group training runs, don't let anyone run alone.
5. Keep promises, especially ones made to yourself.
6. When doing group runs, start on time no matter who's missing.
7. The faster you are the less you should talk about your times.
8. Keep change in your pocket. One day you'll need to call for a ride.
9. Don't compare yourself to other runners.
10. All runners are equal, some are just faster than others.

Thank you, Joe Kelly (via the July/August 2008 Fleet Foot, newsletter of the Gulf Winds Track Club).

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