The Technical and Financial Sides of Coaching

Coaching Specialization
* Endurance Running - 15K to the Marathon
Athletes range from beginners to Boston Qualifiers
* Novice to Intermediate Triathletes
Athletes range from first timers to "Ironman" finishers

Certifications and Training
Lydiard Method Level I and II Certified Coach
Certified USAT Official

Natural Form Running - Newton Running Lab
CPR/First Aid Certified

Personal Accomplishments as a an Athlete and Coach
* Boston Marathon Qualifier/Finisher: 2010 (Q), 2011 (Q & F), 2012 (F), 2013 (Q)
* Beach2Battleship Finisher: 2015 & 2014 Top 5 Age Group Finisher; 2013, Top 10 Age Group Finisher
* Consistent Top 5 Age Group finisher in road races from the Mile to the Marathon
* Consistent Top 10 Age Group finisher in local, regional, and national triathlons of all distances
* 14+ years of endurance running
* More than six years of successfully coaching runners (individual and group) and triathletes of different abilities and goals raging from a "First 5K" to Boston Qualifier/Finisher, and "Ironman" finishers.

Coaching Philosophy
“Life and family first. Everything else second. Training next.”
I believe that a coach is an athletic tool and an investment. Training should compliment the athlete’s life, not dictate it. The better a coach understands an athlete's lifestyle, the more effective the partnership. Recovery and nutrition are so often the over-looked and under utilized facets of training, yet an athlete cannot succeed without either of them. A periodized training plan such as those exemplified by the Lydiard method promotes success by the inclusion of appropriate nutrition and recovery. I am emphatic about incorporating (and altering as necessary) nutrition plans into the actual athletic training so that the athlete is completely comfortable and ready for success on race day.

Goals as a Coach
Build the Athlete. Grow the Sport. Reach the Podium.”
* Provide a varied/customized training plan that compliments the athlete’s lifestyle, works to build upon the athlete's abilities, and takes advantage of the local/natural surroundings and available resources
* Provide encouragement and feed back on ALL aspects of training from workouts to nutrition to recovery to leisure time
* Find the balance between training, competing, hard work, recovery, fun, and just plain enjoyment that suits the athlete

Find Your Finish Line (Training With Lori)
One of the great things about being an independent coach (i.e. one not attached to a coaching group) is that I can be as flexible as I want to be with a cost structure in order to provide the best service possible to an athlete based on what their particular budget can support.  I do not require an athlete to sign any contract or pay a "start up" fee. I find that typically commitment to an event or season will take care of most of the time frame details.

I like to have a starting point and currently that is $150/month.  For this fee I provide to an athlete a customized training plan delivered weekly via Training Peaks; feedback on training sessions as requested by the athlete; unlimited e-mail/phone/text/Facebook message contact (athlete initiated).  We discuss nutrition and work continuously and cyclically to pin down what works for each athlete.  I am also the athlete's biggest advocate, strongest supporter, and loudest cheerleader.

I am completely in favor of linking up with any athlete desiring or needing any one-on-one training/counseling/mentoring/meeting time.  These sessions can be trainer based, track or trail runs, pool time, or simply conversation in a relaxing setting.  Fees for these sessions are negotiable based on numerous factors, but generally begin in the $30/hour range.  It should be noted here that for intense swim work, I do "sub-contract" those session out to my older son who is a certified USA Swimming Level II Coach and Instructor.

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