Friday, October 24, 2008

(UPDATE) Red Hills Has Opened ... Will You Measure Up?

I received an e-mail from the race director of the Red Hills Triathlon earlier this month announcing the opening of race registration. I went home, told Colin, and was immediately greeted by, "GET ME IN!!!!!" So in he is. Not only will he most likely be the youngest competitor (again), but he may very well be the first registered racer this year.

Look out, Red Hills - here comes Colin, again! This event may never be the same.

Update 10.31.2008

I just checked the "Registered Participants" list on the web site. I have to tell you I am amazed. The first day I checked there were 94 athletes, now only 1 or 2 days later there are 161! WOW! And, I am pleased to report that there appear to be two Father/Son (not relays) pairs, and a couple of families "tri-ing" it on for a weekend of fun.

I do so love a good athletic event that brings the family spirit out, and fosters a safe competitive nature. Whee! Here we go....

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