Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Did you know...

Do you ever wonder what endurance athletes talk about? Below is just an example of today's conversation between two of my favorite endurance athletes about other endurance athletes (all names and personal references removed to protect the innocent - ha!). Gotta love 'em. We surely do.

I Run 13point1: Hey there! Do you have RP's e-mail? I wanted to send him a congrats on his Marine Corps finish, but I don't know which address is his in the "list" that I get from some of you guys.

PIrish66: or ?????????

I Run 13point1: Thank you so very much! Do you happen to know how he felt about his finish?

PIrish66: you're welcome. crappy

I Run 13point1: Really? I didn't think his time was that bad. But, then I don't know him very well, and do not know what his goal time was.

I Run 13point1: What about DK and JE?

PIrish66: he was an hour slower than his projected time. JE and SL kept him company during his struggles from 15 miles to the finish. DK did a 4:39.

I Run 13point1: Really. When I have run with him I would have put him right near where he finished, but that's just me and I am not a very good judge of that kind of thing.

I Run 13point1: You'll laugh...Colin is already registered for Red Hills. He wants to go 1:15 ish this year. What a snot.

PIrish66: ah, youth. tell him not to rub it in too much.

I Run 13point1: I told him, I'll believe it when I see it. 1:15 means dropping more than 20 minutes from a 1:38. He has dropped his run times to about 20-21 minute 5Ks, but he will need to drop a lot on the bike to make that goal.

PIrish66: rh is won on the bike

I Run 13point1: So I hear. But, that is Colin's real weakness - he is scared of the downhill. He can crank on the ups, but the downs on skinny tires worry him. He'll get better with time and experience I think.

I Run 13point1: Talked to CK yesterday - he's trying to qualify for Kona.

PIrish66: me too

I Run 13point1: Reallllllly...Wow. You're a bigger better person/athlete than I'll ever be. Nope. NO desire to go that far all by myself in one day on my legs.

PIrish66: you're smarter than me and chuck. my chances are slim. i have left hip replacement on 11/18 and then resectioning my right replacement 6 weeks later. i'm going to pcb this weekend to sign up for im fl '09.

I Run 13point1: EEEK! I'm not sure I'd say smarter - afterall I am doing Goofy in January, and then five weeks later 26.2 with Donna in Jacksonville, and then hopefully 3 States 3 Mountains with Team In Training, and ..... A whole lot of stupid pills being ingested around here. Hmmm...maybe it's in the water.

PIrish66: dang. hey, we have the stc, the stoopid triathlon club. i'm president.

I Run 13point1: That must make me the President Elect or fan club recruiter.

PIrish66: we have a prominent spot reserved for you

I Run 13point1: yeah, I'll bet. Right next to the Electric Chair for those parents who others believe live vicariously through their triathlon-racing children.

PIrish66: consider it a legacy

I Run 13point1: Thanks, I think.

PIrish66: you're welcome. i know

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