Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Morning After

I am putting this here because I feel that it needs to be "out there" for everyone to consider; because we do live in a country where we can voice our opinions without fear of repercussions; where we will still love our friends and family "the morning after" because that is what we do. I have included ONE e-mail that I received this morning and ONE of my responses. That is all. I know there will be more exchanged, but I feel quite confident that they will only be a restating of the original messages.

Dear Friends and family,

"Husband" & I stayed up late to watch history made last night! As I drink my first cup of coffee this morning, the sun seems brighter and the sky bluer! Hope is the color of the future, and I thank God I was born an American!

Our problems are overwhelming. The path is long, but putting Obama at the helm lifts those challenges into the light where we can all see them and take our place in meeting them together.

I am sure that you, like us, had many friends who did not vote the way we did. Our response to this amazing election from here should be our personal commitment in reflecting the coming together and healing that this new hope represents. People we love and respect are not celebrating this morning. It is important that we be the face of unity and inclusion that Barak Obama presents, not only to Americans, but to the world.

Finally I ask you all to join with me in prayers for this man, his family, and mostly, for our country as we enter this new era of hope, sacrifice and hard work.

Much love,
"My Friend"

I must tell you that the decision to vote "Obama" yesterday was an extremely difficult one. And, I believe that had it not been for McCain's age, health issues, and his being so totally "not the same person" he was when he began campaigning some years ago I might have voted "McCain/Palin." And, that is saying something for this somewhat liberal, somewhat conservative Democrat. I'm just not sure that Obama has enough experience to be fully capable of the job at hand. I am hopeful that he, being a highly intelligent and well-educated man, will surround himself by those far more experienced and worldly than himself in order to accomplish those tasks now set before him.

In the light of the dawn of a new era, I can see that hope still springs eternal. Yet, in the next breath I find it difficult to grasp that we, as Floridians, did not see fit to remove language from the state constitution that prohibits "aliens" from receiving/inheriting property; and that we felt we could "play God" and dictate just what a "marriage" shall be, not taking into consideration all of those affected by that decision (not just the few who have chosen an alternative lifestyle). There is a lot to overcome, and unfortunately it begins at the state and local levels and must then filter up to the national and world forums.

If nothing else, we have watched history unfold before our very eyes. My children have heard and seen two monumental things take place: A racial minority elected to quite possibly the highest governing office on this planet; and a woman chosen as a running mate for that same position. Wow! And, both of those things happened during the same campaign. People will speak of this for generations to come. Yes, no matter how you voted it is now EVERYONE's job to be an American; to support the chosen president; and to move into the future along with and not against our country.

Pray. Pray long and hard. Pray continuously - not only for the president, his family, the congress, but also all of our other chosen leaders (whether they be your choice or not). God Bless the USA.

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lisa said...

Beautifully written, Lori. Thanks for sharing. :)

Oh, and btw - I was researching my old half marathon times last night (since I seem to be getting slower with age), and I found that you finished JUST before me at the Tally Half in 2007, which was my first race. Even though I didn't know you then, how cool is that?!?! :):)


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