Thursday, August 7, 2008

Checking: One, Two, Three, Reality

I try to NOT run long during the summer. I don't do heat well. But, this year when I first toyed with the idea of running the Marine Corps Marathon with some of the group, I knew I would have to slog it out and suffer through the heat. What I didn't count on was that even though it was hot, I'm getting better at it. Hooray for the small things! So, as I now realize that my hopes of a MCM medal are not going to come to fruition this season, I plan to keep up the mileage so that I can be that "companion runner" I have told so many other people about. I'm already trying to figure out a way to juggle things to run an 18-miler with Cathy the weekend of the 23rd, and how I can possibly be there to run her 22-miler on October 4th or 5th.

I suppose that I should have known in the beginning that without a good reason, I wouldn't make it to the finish line. I registered for MCM for me and for no one else. I guess right there we know why I won't be in D.C. in October. Instead, I have transferred my registration to a great runner and a wonderful friend who is in the process of "exorcising a demon." His own words ... There is my cause, helping Chuck get to the finish line in a BQ (Boston Qualifying) time. I hope he knows how much better I feel about this now that there is a reason behind my initial registration.

While we're sitting around trying to re-plan out the "marathon" season, let's do a quick review of the events that have been on the calendar for a while. Some things, as they always do, have to be put aside for another season. Some things simply have to be let go, and yet others are added to the list.

July, 2008
7.4.2008 Freedom Springs Triathlon (for me really a DUathlon - I don't "do" the swim...)
Colin finished in 1:06:30 - down 10 minutes from last year! Fourth in his age group (behind ONLY USAT Southeast Team members)
7.19.2008 Take Colin to Jacksonville for the JAX TRI Series Sprint #2 (and then spend a week in St. Augustine with my family!!!)
Colin finished in 1:02:36 - Won his age group outright! That's my boy!

August, 2008
8.2-3.2008 Area I-IV Championships Swim meet
Colin won his age group, and Aidan swam, well I might add, in his first "big" meet. They were awesome!
8.23.2008 TriStates 100 Century Ride - Dothan, Alabama OR
Run with my dear friend Cathy on her 18-miler for Marine Corps. Or, run with Colin and the Raa Cross Country Training Group at the Miller's Landing Madness. Yikes!
8.24.2008 Celebrate 17 years of marriage to my wonderful husband!

September, 2008
9.7.2008 This week begins a standard 18-week marathon training plan for Richard's "Goofy" in January, 2009
9.27.2008 Take Colin to The Beach Blast Triathlon in Mexico Beach, Florida and compete in the Sprint Duathlon division
9.30.2008 Celebrate Michael's 45th Birthday!!!

October, 2008
NEW 10.4.2008 Run the Half Marathon Leg of the new "AmeliaMan" 70.3 Triathlon as a member of the "Dixie Chicks" Team
NEW 10.11.2008 Ride the Spaghetti 100 (maybe...)
10.25.2008 Boston Mini Marathon (Boston, Georgia)
10.26.2008 (my 41st birthday) 33rd Marine Corps Marathon I am officially REGISTERED, but have transferred my entry to friend and running coach extraordinaire, Chuck Davis.
10.31.2008 Celebrate my in-laws' 50th Wedding Anniversary

November, 2008
NEW 11.7-11.2008 Party with The "Entire Family" for the in-laws' 50th Anniversary
11.27.2008 Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K

December, 2008
12.6.2008 Ten Mile Challenge
12.6.2008 Jingle Bell Run (3K)
12.21.2008 Jacksonville Half Marathon???

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