Saturday, August 16, 2008

Breakfast on the Track - updated 8.19.2008

I have never run a "timed mile" in my life - that I know of. I am sure that I ran "the mile" in elementary and middle school P.E. just like the kids do today. But, I don't remember those times, and I am sure that they mean ABSOLUTELY nothing to my running endeavors of present. That being said, my older son has been training with a group here in preparation for the middle school cross country season. That group, as a rule, runs this little, local event called Breakfast on the Track every August right before school starts. It is sort of a wrap-up to the summer track sprint series, and it is a good pre-season gauge for the cross country coaches as they are forming up their teams.

So, this morning we set the alarms for a practice school day run, and headed to the track. Colin had been placed in the 5:40-6:00 minute heat by the coach, and I had placed myself in the 8:00-9:00 minute heat based strictly on my best times in my own runs. I know that the mile is an all out kind of event, but not having any real idea about how fast I could go, I stayed in the safety net of the known. We placed Aidan in the undefined heat so that he would at least get to run, and at the same time not be discouraged by being run over by other people. That therefore spread us out pretty well throughout the morning: Colin, heat 3; me in heat 8; and Aidan in number 10.

Colin finished well in 6:20. We were impressed that he held onto a consistent pace and that he had a bit of kick in the last 150 meters or so; and had a fairly decent attitude at the end. He claims his ankle was bothering him, but we still think he could have finished closer to 6:00. Oh, well... At least now he has something to work from and use as a base line time.

Above: Colin's heat lining up. Cameron Wong, runner friend super, is to Colin's left. Colin is "hiding" behind the shirtless man front/center.
Right: Colin as he nears the finish (6:21).

I turned in a 7:20 with which I was extremely pleased. I might have been able to finish a bit quicker, but one of the boys in my heat is the son of my friend Brenda, who died last November. As I pulled up to pass him I eased back just a bit to chat him up and keep him going (because I don't think he wanted to one little bit - and he finished in a rockin' 7:35). Even so, I might have gotten there in 7:10, but I am "good" with 7:20 and that I did it with no speed work outs.

I was FIRST in my age group (40-44) and second in my heat (of course, I find this out AFTER we have left and missed the awards presentation).

Whatcha gonna do? Thank you Sarah Docter-Williams for retrieving my "trophy" and listening out for me!

Aidan, well he was Aidan. Since he does NO running, and all he wanted were pancakes BEFORE his heat, a 9:00 finish and first in his heat was just what he needed. He thinks he won, and I'm not going to tell him any differently. He did - win his heat that is!

I found these pictures of Aidan looking like he was enjoying himself. And I am so glad they were posted on the GWTC web site. Because... I have to tell you that originally I had placed a photo here that I titled the "I told you so..." photo. About 2/3 around the last lap Aidan began whining about his stomach hurting. Well, he had already consumed a slice of watermelon and a pancake, and NO juice or water. The horrible sounds disappeared when he realized he was first in his heat. Thank goodness! And, NO he did not hold my hand for the entire mile. Only when he started whining.

Gotta love 'em to the finish no matter what, or they'll never learn to love a sport!

Well friends and fellow runners there you have it. The last Saturday before school begins for the year, and we are still at it: swimming, biking, running, and eating strong!

Have a great day, a fabulous weekend, and a spectacular school year! See you on the streets!

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