Friday, August 1, 2008

The Bitter Sweet of "Goodbye"

Well, I have to admit it, I didn't make the farewell run or dinner for Lisa. I got to know her just a bit when she was training for the Marine Corps Marathon last year, and then got to know her a bit better as Colin was training for the Red Hills Triathlon. She is leaving this weekend to move back to California (San Francisco area) to be close to all of her family. She is happy to go, but sad to leave the "family" that she came to know and love here in Tallahassee. She knows that we will be here whenever she should so choose to come and visit. And, that we will always welcome her back with arms wide open. I wish her mountains and oceans of luck and happiness as she travels and returns. She deserves them.

And, then another of the group is leaving later this month. Erin, our very own Disney Character (Pluto in a former life), is moving to Central Florida. Job opportunities really fueled this move, but again, the move takes her closer to her family and she wants them close as she and her husband plan to begin a family of their own. Not quite as faraway as California, but far enough to not be able to make the morning runs with the group on a regular basis. Fortunately, I think I might actually be able to lay eyes on her before she leaves. I hope...

I don't have a good picture of Lisa, I imagine she will send one soon. But, below is a picture that I "stole" from Erin's blog. Erin is in center just before the start of Red Hills Triathlon (4.5.2008). Yes, the same Red Hills that Colin did... With her are my very near and dear friend Cathy, and new found friend Emma.

I have added links to their blogs because I feel that they have a lot to offer from their unique perspectives and experiences in the endurance athlete world. Great girls, both of them. No, make that women moving on in the world. Love them!

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