Monday, April 6, 2009

Triumphant Return to Red Hills Triathlon

More of a complete run down later, but let it be common knowledge that Colin finished 17 minutes faster this year than last year (1:38:06 in 2008), and that the winner finished in 1:09:35. The future is very attainable for Colin. He is already talking about next year and upcoming 70.3 relays and the possibility of an Olympic Distance Tri (.9 mile swim, 25-40 mile ride, 10K run). Yikes!

Final results of the Red Hills Triathlon 2009: 1/3 mile swim 16 mile bike ride 5K (3.1 mile) run

Overall Finish: 31st of 245 finishers

#211 Colin Abbey age 14 from Tallahassee, FL

Finish Chip Time - 1:21:44

8th overall in the swim - 8:07
Transition #1 - 0:42
64th overall on the bike - 49:13
Transition #2 - 0:52
44th overall on the run - 22:51

Colin's swim team mate Colby Allen finished 20th over all with the times shown below.
#212 Colby Allen age 17 from Tallahassee, FL
Final Chip Time - 1:18:14
Swim: 3rd 7:36
T#1 1:40
Bike: 36th 46:18
T#2 1:03
Run: 22nd 21:39

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Jeff said...

Congrats to Colin. That was some cool news to find this morning.

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