Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Is Freely Flowing into May Flowers

April was VERY good to the Abbeys, I have to admit. Colin had a splendid showing at the Red Hills Triathlon again; all four of us got to see Wicked: The New Musical during Easter weekend as well as visit with my parents; we hired a wonderful contractor (Lone Wolf, Inc.) to begin work on our deck/french doors/hot tub/screen porch remodel project; and Colin earned two new Junior Olympic time standards (100 and 200 Freestyle Long Course) in Panama City where he placed 10th in the 13-14 Boys age group; and Aidan has really begun to enjoy swimming with ATAC 3 or 4 days a week in the Novice program. He even "won ribbons" a couple of weekends ago at a "practice meet."

Above: Chillin' (with a minor showing of attitude) in the shade between events. Below: Warming up for the 200 Free.

The deck is looking mah-velous. It is somewhat semi-circular (sort of half of an octagon) with benches and railings on two sides. It will also have some very nice lighting, furniture and hot tub/spa when completed. The french doors are ordered and on the way. The entire project should be finished in under a month - total time from first post hole to filled up hot tub. I can't wait.

Above, I have included photographic documentation of the current state of the deck-building, a couple of pictures of Colin at Panama City Long Course meet in what he is calling his "fast pants" and a video (sideways - Sorry) of Aidan swimming the breast stroke on April 18th.

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