Monday, April 20, 2009

Marvelous Milestones

Not much in the way of excitement happened around here this week. Aidan had a little "practice swim meet" where he bested two of his times: 25 yard free style and 25 yard breast stroke. He really needs to learn how to NOT "pinball" his way across the pool during the back stroke, but it will come - I have been promised. Colin had a great swim practice on Saturday while Mike made phenomenal strides in his continuation of "taming" and landscaping the back yard.

The only thing I did of note, besides being the mom, was to crest the 1000 mile mark in training for the year. As of Saturday evening, I have logged 1,062.37 miles of running and riding for the year 2009. I sort of, kind of, set a goal of 2,000 miles riding this year, and I am at about 900 right now and could actually achieve that goal if I keep going at the rate I am currently. I don't plan to ramp up the running beyond maintenance and shorter runs/races until August or September when I start looking at marathon season. Right now, I'm happy with where I am and how I feel and how the feet are. Yippee!

More later .... See you on the streets.

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Jeff said...

Wow! 1,000+ miles run. That's impressive (and it makes me tired). Well done!

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