Monday, February 2, 2009

The Junior Olympics

To all of you who have listened to me brag, and then moan, and then moan and brag some more on the ever developing (sometimes frustrating) swimming abilities of my older son:

First, if you did not hear the loud (very loud) exclamations of joy and elation that came from the FSU Leach Center this past Saturday Evening, I feel that I should pass on some awesome information. Colin Abbey qualified to compete in the Spring 2009 Florida Junior Olympics (swimming) in the 200 yard freestyle event. He is committed to achieving qualifying times in one if not three other events (the 50, 500 and 1650 yard freestyle) in two weeks. The Spring 2009 Junior Olympics will be held in Gainesville, Florida, the weekend of the 19 - 22 February and we will be there! This is only the second time Colin has achieved a JO qualifying time, and the FIRST time that he will actually be able to participate and compete against/with the best in the state. He is so very excited.

Second, thank you for listening to me all of this time about him and his swimming things. But more importantly, THANK YOU for your support of him and his endeavors: for coaching him (even as his mother tries her darnedest to not interfere and fails); for sitting on the pool deck in the heat of late June through thunderstorms just to watch the "mile;" for riding with him for miles in preparation for any one of his triathlons; for loaning him equipment and mentoring him; for swimming in Lake Hall with him prior to your own Ironman experience; for sitting on the most uncomfortable concrete bleachers of all; for traveling to small southern Alabama towns to see him swim; for allowing us to stay in your home(s) and for feeding us while we are there so he can swim and compete; for showing up to cross country meets to see him be not the fastest - yet just fast enough; for picking him up in out of the way locations to get him to a meet while I ran a half marathon half way across the state; for taking him to meets with you and having your family put him up and feed him for the weekend; for car pooling with that "Crazy Abbey Lady" to and from everywhere.

Truly, for loving him and supporting him as you have, thank you. He would not be where he is with out you, I promise. Thank you!

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Missy said...

Congrats to Colin!!!

And just reading the rest of your blog makes me tired. I'll have to go dig out my Donald medal and remind myself that once upon a time I finished a half marathon. Maybe it will inspire me???

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