Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm Eva

Good Morning, World! My name is Eva (say it like this: "EEEeee-Vaaahhh..."). I am a "trashy dog mix" rescued by my new family from the Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue group. I and my two brother puppies were put in a trash bag - you know the big black Hefty kind - and thrown out of a moving vehicle into a ravine and woods when we were about a month or so old. My new mommy and brother, Aidan, met me at the pet store and fell in love. Duh... A couple of days later I took a car ride to my new house and I got to stay! Instant family! Two canine sisters, a daddy, and two human boys to play with and adore me. What more could a puppy ask for? Not much, I tell you.

I have a comfy kennel all to myself; my own brand new dinner bowl, an lots of pink puppy toys. And, I like to help older brother, Colin, with his piano homework.

I'll do my best to log onto mom's blog and keep you posted. Stay Tuned...

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Mac's "SwimSTRONG" Foundation

Mac's "SwimSTRONG" Foundation
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