Monday, January 26, 2009

"On Beyond '26.2 with Donna'..."

Thank goodness for bicycles! For the first week following Goofy my two bikes were my best friends: mountain biking with my hubby one afternoon; commuting through town another; and then on the streets a couple of times with "Team Something." Again, thank goodness for bicycles. Now that the running shoes are back on the streets, it's time to re-examine the training schedule for the remainder of my very brief "marathon season." I did get in a 15-miler this past weekend that I feel pretty good about, and I am hoping that my speed will pick up again this week in the shorter runs. I am hoping for a 1:55 Half Marathon on Sunday, but as always it depends on the day.

My plan is pretty simple from now until Donna, and then after that some well-earned and deserved time off of my feet. The Tour de Big Bend (which encompasses the Blue Line 100) is at the end of March, and I fully intend to complete the entire thing this year. That in and of itself will require a bit more time in the saddle than just one ride a week. Fortunately, running helps to keep the saddle time shorter and I am happy for that in the long run.

And, just in case you didn't hear me yelling in joy ... I love my new Ruby Comp. She is all carbon, rides like the wind, and is pretty to boot. Yeah me!

Week of 1 - 7 February
Sunday - Tallahassee Half Marathon
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Intervals (3x1600)
Wednesday - Rest/Ride
Thursday - 8 mile tempo run
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 8 or 10 mile tempo run

Week of 8 - 14 February
Sunday - Ride
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 2 miles (speed)
Wednesday - Rest/Ride
Thursday - 3 miles easy
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Rest

Week of 15 - 21 February
Sunday (2.15.2009) - 26.2 with Donna: The National Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer

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