Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Play Together - Stay Together!

I hear that families who "play together, stay together." Does that include athletic activities? I am not sure if swimming, cycling, and runnig are always considered fun. But, the joy and satisfaction at the end are always worth it. Colin, my 13 year-old son is training for his 2nd "adult" triathlon. He is going to complete the Red Hills Sprint Distance Triathlon on April 5th, 2008. He is the youngest registered participant - the next closest person in age to him is 19! He'll be ready. And, he is psyched!

This past Saturday (3.8.2008) he and I ran together. Well, sort of together. He ran a 5K race while I ran the 10K at the same event. He finished respectably 7th in his age group. Not bad for a kid who really is a swimmer and only runs once a week. Then, he cheerfully met his slow, and old mom near the finish to "run me in." He is such a good sport! I ran a person best (called a PR) and placed 2nd in my age group (oh, my gosh how did that happen?)! I was so excited for the rest of the day I didn't know what to do with myself.

This weekend holds another 5K run for Colin, as well as a trip down to St. Marks and back on the bike. I'll be joining him for the ride - I have the Blue Line 100 Century ride on my calendar for March 30. Oh, my, and I thought 26.2 miles was a long way. Well, we shall see. If my hinney survives, this may become my Spring/Summer activity for a while. That's later: I must get through this ride first!
Off we go! More later, much more!

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