Thursday, March 13, 2008

A New Case - Cause - of Insanity!

Many of you are well aware that I run, and I run a lot. Here I am, 40 years old having run 5 1/2 years worth of half marathons and then two marathons inside of 5 weeks, looking for my next CAUSE.

I think to myself as I slowly grind up a hill on my mountain bike trying desperately to stay ahead of Colin, my 13 year-old son in training for a Sprint Triathlon, what's next? I am watching as Colin edges away from me on his feather light road bike, and I wonder if could make it through a Century Ride (100 Miles or 100K) on my mountain bike. Pro'bly could, but it might be ugly ... I start asking around and come to find a couple of people in the local Triathlon group are willing to lend me a bike to train on and then ride in such an event. Now, I wonder which one? It's too late to "go Team in Training" for America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride at Lake Tahoe in June. But, I hear that there is a ride here - in the spring.

Sure enough there is a century ride here in the spring. The only problem: It's now less than a month away. Now I am really curious. Can I do this in less than four weeks? I know that most of the training is an endurance build-up - which I think I've got covered from the last several months of marathon training. My next obstacle is should I go full Century (100 Miles), or start out smaller with the Metric Century (about 68 miles)? After some contemplation and conversations with experienced century riders, I opt for the Metric. This way I can get my feet wet in the sport, and not have to put it off until next year and incorporate more training. Oh, my...

Well, you know me: Can I do anything requiring athletic or endurance ability without a cause? No. The answer is absolutely, positively NO! This century that I have chosen is The Blue Line 100. It is a fund raiser for the Police Unity Tour to the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington D.C. Being married to my wonderful, giving, protect-and-serve, badge-wearing husband has given me a vested interest in this cause. I watched him and his colleagues suffer through a tremendously difficult time when they lost one of their own. I don't ever wish to see any family have to deal with that loss and the sadness it brings. If I can do just a little bit to bring more public awareness to the danger an officer (who forms a part of The Blue Line) puts him/herself in, then so be it. I'll be there.

I have copied the information below from that web site ( so you will know that I am not putting you on.

In May 1997 the Police Unity Tour was organized, by Officer Patrick P. Montuore of the Florham Park Police Department, with the hope of bringing public awareness of Police Officers who have died in the line of duty and to honor their sacrifices. We started in 1997 with 18 riders on a four day fund-raising bicycle ride from Florham Park, NJ to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington D.C. which raised $18,000.00. This past year we had over 1000 members nationwide who made the trip and we are proud to announce that we were able to donate 1 Million Dollars to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund bringing our total donations to 3.2 Million Dollars.In late 2005, the Police Unity Tour pledged $5 million in support of the National Law Enforcement Museum. Inspired by our commitment and our motto, "WE RIDE FOR THOSE WHO DIED" the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund has selected our organization to be the sponsor of the Museum’s Hall of Remembrance.

The police officers who ride in the Unity Tour from Virginia Beach to D.C. must raise a minimum $1800 each to participate. On the Blue Line web site is a form that you can print and make a donation to the Unity Tour. That is your choice - I won't ask you to help me this time. If you would like the name of a Tallahassee Police officer (or Leon County Sheriff's deputy) who is planning to participate I will gladly get one for you so that you can directly affect their fund-raising campaign.

I hope that between now and March 30th, you will be thinking of me and the officers in your community. Keep us in your prayers for a splendid ride that day and a successful trip to D.C. for the officers in May.

My love and admiration for all you do to help those who protect and serve you.
I Corinthians 9:24-25

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