Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Bit About My Aidan

Aidan is my second son. However, he is my first in many ways: First to not want to learn to tie his shoes. First to want to be in the sandbox at all hours. First to climb the once dilapidated fence to play at the neighbor's house. First to tell me he "could go off the diving board" at age 3 and make it to the ladder without help. First to demand to have his training wheels off at age 4. First to want to ride with Daddy on the bike trails when given a choice.

Aidan is playing Tee Ball this spring. He is playing in a small, church-based and organized, very low key, parent-involved league. And, he loves it. He can throw like a demon, almost always hitting his target. He can hit the ball like a true "slugger" as his grandfather quickly nick named him. And, now he is even talking about wanting to follow in his big brother's path and take on a triathlon

A small triathlon. A kids' triathlon. He has expressed a great deal of interest in participating in this year's Red Hills Triathlon for Kids. So, I suppose that Colin and I will get him ready: Colin is in charge of swimming (duh!), and I'll take the bike and ride. Aidan is already a really good rider, so all he really needs is to be able to muster through the final leg of the TRI: the one mile run. I think he'll make it. His little legs will get him there if his wee arms carry him through the swim. Oh, my. That's all I can think to say. Oh, my ...

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