Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today's Twilight and the Coming Dawn

In the twilight of a career, does one stop to ponder the dawn of the next, or merely the pending darkness of that which is passing?

I hope that I have adopted the attitude of looking forward to the dawn and not back to the darkness. It is always a challenge to rely on one's faith and God when things are not so positive as well as being able to remember to give thanks when things are GREAT. I have enjoyed four and half years of wonderful experiences during my tenure with The Alzheimer's Project, Inc. I have seen many things develop and flourish, and many things come to fruition that I never expected to see. As my final day approaches and I begin to feel more and more the saddness that is inevitable, I hope that I will be able to focus on what may become rather than on what has been. This, for me, is difficult. I grow attached to things like super co-workers, and comfortable surroundings; like flexible hours and convenient locations; like understanding supervisors and sympathetic friends.

More and more I have come to appreciate that environment and companion-like co-workers are EVERYTHING in the job setting. I know I will not find a group such as this anywhere else I go, but I can do what is within me to make my new job as wonderful for those around me as I can.

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