Friday, March 20, 2009

Doin' The Twist

I have a friend whose philosophy on birthdays is that everyone gets their "birthday month." Now, I have to tell you, as a die-hard proponent of the "week long birthday fest" for some years, I could very easily completely adopt her theory on celebrations. Anyway, moving on. This past Wednesday, four days AFTER her actual birthday but well within the parameters of the Birthday Month, the neighborhood "witches" and I gathered to celebrate with her.

There are only four of us neighborhood witches (The Witches of Killearn), and every time we get together I visualize a new and improved scene from the movie Practical Magic (Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock are the witches...). In the original scene the two women awake to the sound of a blender and immediately know it is time for "Midnight Margaritas!" Yes, there is a song, and a congo line and lots of laughing.

We don't make "Midnight Margaritas" but we do have a blast every time we "circle up" for fun. The other night we did in fact have Margaritas - Pink Lemonade Margaritas, YUM! - and awesome chicken enchiladas. And, of course we laughed, and danced (see the Twist below) and celebrated another year of joy, health, happiness, and friendship.

Happy Birthday! Uga Chucka!

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