Thursday, July 3, 2008

Life is Simple ...

Well, I think my brain is finally de-chlorinated from the three-days of sitting on the pool deck for the ATAC Long Course Invitational. Some days I believed it would never end. But, with the outcome of the events, Colin had a FABULOUS weekend and a great meet! Yeah Boy!

Colin went into this meet having not swum a long course meet since June of 2007, so many of his times could only be improved upon. That always sets a swimmer up for a good weekend. He swam a full docket of events, but by far his best were the 100M Fly where he not only dropped 12+ seconds, but swam CLEAN and PRETTY; and the 1500M Freestyle (more commonly known as the Metric Mile) in 20:26.66 which was good enough for 5th in his age bracket. He also managed to rake in a 10th place in the 100M Free with a 1:08.3 in the finals after going home and not knowing he had even made finals! What a super attitude and effort! He finished in the top 20 with a 2:27.12 in the 200M Free and a 5:06.16 in the 400M Free. Yippee!

This weekend (the Fourth to be precise) he and I are off to the Freedom Springs Triathlon in Marianna, Florida. This event is near to our hearts as it was Colin's "debut" into adult sprint distance Triathlons last year. He finished 3rd in his age group on a mountain bike last year, and is hoping to really show well on his Cannondale this year. As last year, I will wait on the shore for him to get out of the water and then ride like a demon with him and run the 5K on my own at the end. We hope to go in just about an hour (using his swim time as a "mine" for time keeping's sake). We shall see. He can really zoom on the road bike when he chooses - I hope he chooses. And, assuming that all goes well, this will be a warm up for the JAX Sprint TRI #2 on July 19th right before we head to the beach for our annual "reunion" with all our friends. I can't wait!

Remember the Ironman motto: Life is Simple - Swim, Bike, Run, Eat, Sleep!

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