Monday, June 16, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Today is Aidan's birthday. He is seven. Wow! I can't believe that seven years ago he made is early and troubled entrance into this world. I am so glad he is here and a fabulous "all boy" part of our lives. He is truly a blessing and an energetic joy to all who know him.

Aidan recently exclaimed that he wanted to be on the swim team like his brother. Well, when you swim like a seven year-old (which by the way looks like a drowning squirrel), that is not always as easily accomplished as one might think. However, he managed to pass the team swim test, and away he went - complete with a new "intimidating" shark swim cap, and goggles. And, while I am not sure that his understands completely what being a member of the swim team means, he is enjoying his daily practices and the promise of upcoming swim meets that he can finally enter.

Today he wants to swim, eat cake, "surf" on his new Slip-n-Slide, and have pizza with his friends. Done! That was easy.

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Mac's "SwimSTRONG" Foundation
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