Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Post 144.6 (IMChattanooga) post of Gratitude #1

Originally published on FaceBook (28 September 2016)

It's long and somewhat sappy. Keep scrolling if you like. I won't be offended.
My Family: both near, far, blood, extended and by association: Without a doubt I would not have made it to any of the four 140.6 starting lines without the ENDLESS, unconditional, support of my family - ALL of them.

My husband (Mike): who "hardly never says, 'N0' " to anything I want to do and yet somehow manages to still let me get in all my workouts while completing his own training and sanity maintenance.

My Boys (Colin): who understand just how important it is to me to continue in this " stupid crazy business" of the full iron distance triathlon and refill my bottles, drive next to me in the car or on their bikes, or even sometimes run with me.

My Parents (Gary and Mary Kay) and Bonus Parents: who, again, hardly "never say, 'No' " to the crazy things I undertake; who fly/travel all over the world (essentially) to be there when I start and finish; and who love me even when I frustrate them to no end and the circumstances are less than ideal.

The BEST TRAINING PARTNER EVER (Jamie and her wife): who is never nauseous by the number of "matchy matchy" things we own; who trains beside me both virtually and literally no matter what the workout or conditions and then goes all the way to the race to support, cheer, and sherpa despite her own injury and rehab.

The Awesomest Friend/Substitute Dad (Neil): Neil, your dad has been a wonderful source of inspiration, encouragement, and reality checks like no other. Thank you for sharing him and trusting him to my family. We love him, value him, and have pretty much completely adopted him. ;-)

My coach and mentor (Marci and Chuck): who put up with what has go to be the highest maintenance athlete on the planet; answering texts and e-mails at all hours, trouble-shooting everything from nutrition to moving and restructuring workouts to fit an ever evolving life to talking me off more than one really high ledge.

My athletes (Neil (Neil), Shelley, Jason, Katie, Cheryl, Jackie, Christy, Shelby, Jennifer, Eric, David, and Marcia): who put up with a coach who occasionally checks out mentally and who support me completely in my endeavors as well as each others' endeavors.
The SEXIEST team on the planet (Big Sexy Racing, Chris, Erika): who all understand my sometimes over enthusiastic love for the team in its totality, the ebbs and flows of my team interactions, and yet accept me for them no questions asked; who travel to train with me, race with me, chat with me, and "catch" me at the finish line.

This "crazy stupid" path we have chosen is not an easy one to follow. Without each other I believe we would be much less successful than we are together. And for your presence and involvement in my life I am beyond grateful.

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