Friday, April 22, 2016

For A Life Time of Service - Thank You

I don't get to "brag on" my husband much, because quite frankly he gets put off by it. However, I know that I have a pretty good number of law enforcement officers, fire fighters, first responders, and military personnel as friends team mates this year, and it's a "brag on" each and every one of them as well.  Fifteen years ago my #SuperSherpaSpouse was nominated for the "Officer of the Year" award by the Committee of 99 - Tallahassee.  He was runner up that year to one of his best friends in law enforcement.  Over the years he has been recognized here and there for projects he has initiated, "bravery in the line of duty," training, mentoring, and the like.

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Last night he was awarded the Lifetime Career Service Achievement Award (for nearly 27 years of "in your face" law enforcement) by the Committee of 99.  He was in room filled with friends, family, and previous winners who have mentored, trained, taught, and dragged him along through the years.  To say that he was shocked is an understatement.  I could not be more proud of the career he has lived day in and day out since 1989.  It is truly a testimony to his character and attitude of being a servant leader.

My point is this:  to all of you who put your lives on the lines every single day for a thankless, down in the gutter profession - which I truly believe is a CALLING and not a job - thank you.  I know that the awards are nice, and that they boost you up when you have had a lousy day; but in the end they do not affect the job you do or how you do it and how you will continue to serve your communities.  Thank you.  Truly.

"At the end of every shift - every single one - come home BEHIND your shield and not on top of it."

Left to Right:  Captain Lawrence Revell, TPD; City Manager Ricardo Fernandez, City of Tallahassee; Lieutenant Michael Abbey, TPD; Officer Jason Ravenel, TPD; Chief of Police Michael DeLeo, TPD; Deputy Chief Darryl Furuseth, TPD

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