Monday, September 13, 2010

Running as a Resume' Item: Who'd Have Thought?

About two months ago I was on my way into the bank taking a check from the 15 year-old boy for deposit as reimbursement for the overly extravagant radio control helicopter Colin he "just had to have", when I am stopped on the steps leading into to the bank by a nice, younger, man and his very attractive wife.

He says to me that he noticed the stickers on the Odyssey - as if anyone could miss them, really - and asked if I ran locally and if I was also "doing triathlons."  Knowing that my triathlon bike is at this moment on the roof rack of the Odyssey, I politely answer, "Yes."  I explain that I am new to triathlon but that I have been running for some time now.  He introduces himself as Nate Brannen, one of the partners/owners of a new running and triathlon shop getting ready to open here in Tallahassee.  Many of us in the running and triathlon community have been waiting with somewhat anxious feet for this shop to get out of the blocks.  I have read here and there about their shop, so I was somewhat familiar with his and his partner's goals as well as their accolades.  His partner, by-the-way, is Kevin Sullivan (husband of Karen Harvey, coach of the Florida State University Women's Cross Country Team).

Now to most of you, except our Grandpa Don McEwen, these names mean next to nothing.  However, they are BOTH Canadian and ran at the University of Michigan ... and they BOTH ran in the 2008 Beijing Olympics for Canada.  I find that peculiar, knowing Don and his history as we do, so I have to include it here.  So, back to my story.  When I met Nate, I joked with him that I would love to chat with the two of them about working part time in the shop.  Not too many weeks later, Colin and I run a 5K that Nate and Kevin and Karen are also running.  No shock to either of us when the "Canooks" win 1st and 2nd, because we actually know "who they are."  Colin, who finished 5th overall, chats with them both after the race as he waits for his slow mother to shuffle to the finish.  Nate, Kevin, and Karen are all quite pleasant we talk very briefly and then go our separate ways.

A day or so after the race, I get a short message from Nate that he and Kevin would be interested in talking to me about working with them in the new shop, Capital City Runners, would I please send him my resume'.  So I do.  I am not completely stupid you know.  Well, turns out that my massive retail experience, running finesse, and ties to the local running/triathlon community simply wowed and overwhelmed them.  Bah, ha, ha!!!  No, really, they quite plainly told me that they believe we will be a good match to get the shop open and off and running.  I can only hope that they like working with me as much as I believe I am going to enjoy working with them.

Holy Moly!  Leave it to me to find, yet another something new out there in a runner's world to get in on.  I am lovin' it to the max.  Start looking for me, the Boston Qualifier on staff, over there on Thomasville Road between Five Guys Burgers and Red Elephant starting October 16.  It's going to be a blast.  Real runners getting more real runners ready to run.  What more could a running girl want?

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Amy said...

Luv luv the story! Brava to you, Miss Lori! I will be there with my "anxious feet" when the doors open. I've been holding out to buy some new duds and shoes. :)

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