Monday, January 11, 2010

What a Reunion...

When my ten year high school reunion rolled around (in 1996), I had a one and a half-year old and Mike was trying valiantly to convince the DEA (federal Drug Enforcement Administration) to hire him.  When it came time for the 20 year reunion in 2006 not enough of my/our class was interested in that and all plans sort of just melted away into the dust and shadows.  I have said before that I don't have many "lifetime" friends, and those I do have I hold very dear.  These three girls (ladies, I suppose, now that we are in our 40's) have been near and dear to my heart since 1982 when I moved to Montevallo, Alabama, and sort of schlepped into their tightly knit cluster.  They re-wove to accommodate me and we have been friends ever since.  The three of them live within 30 miles of each other and have far more opportunity to get together as a group than the four of us.  But, it seems that no matter how long it has been and how far apart we make our homes and raise our families, we are close again immediately upon our reunion.

Saturday night we sat for HOURS in this "mom and pop" Italian bistro (Joe's Italian) in the Alabaster "sector" of Alabama.  We laughed, and talked, and ate, and drank some wine, and laughed until we cried and talked some more.  It was the best of evenings.  One of those evenings spent with friends who truly know ALL ABOUT you and love you until the end of times.


Thanks, Ladies!  You make the entire 1,100+ miles this week more than worth it.


cakeburnette said...

I see their pictures on FB occasionally and it never fails that I say to myself, "It looks weird for Lori to not be in the picture, too." I enjoyed seeing the one from this weekend and am so glad you got to reconnect. Looks like you all had a great time!

Hua said...

I'm glad to hear that you and your friends were able to have a reunion. Seeing your lifelong friends is always a nice treat. I hope all is well.

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