Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a Weekend and My New Motto - Maybe

I have had a great weekend with my family!

It all kind of started Thursday on a "date" of sorts with my awesome hubby. We were able to squeeze in a ride (Mike Style on the mountain bikes) before he left for TAC practice that afternoon. It was really nice to ride out with him while the boys were otherwise occupied, and it didn't cost much: the entry fees into the state park and the calories burned to pedal up and down and up and down and through the muck and mire.

Friday dawned with the temperatures near 70 instead of 80. I had not planned a run, but I simply couldn't pass up the great cool weather. So, off I went for a "short" 5K jaunt. 25 minutes later I was home. WOW that felt GREAT! Aidan had his last day at Camp Bark-ly and a little skit presentation for the parents. It was very cute, and a lot of fun to see him enjoying camp so enthusiastically.

Saturday was good. Started early with a 10+ mile run with some of my favorite running buddies EVER. We ran in the same state park I had ridden in on Thursday. It is a completely different feeling on foot. But, it was very enjoyable and the fellowship was wonderful. I spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening playing board games with The Boys; practicing piano; and grilling dinner with Mike. We lounged on the new deck; sipped adult beverages; and in general just enjoyed being home and together.

Today began with a bang as Colin and I headed to the St. Mark's Trail for a 32-mile ride on the Rails-to-Trails path with one of Colin's swim team buddies, his parents, and my Sunday ride partner. 32 miles, one bagel sandwich, a cup of coffee, and a great deal of sweat later, we were on our way home to see what the rest of the weekend has in store for us besides 2000 yards of swimming for Colin, a lengthy trail ride for Mike, and some time with friends for Aidan.

This coming week holds in store Colin's second (and final) trip to the Florida Swimming Junior Olympics. Stay tuned for those updates. Hopefully to come regularly from Fort Myers.

I borrowed this from my rockin' friend Lisa's Facebook page. I just loved what it conveys to those who might be behind me. That doesn't happen too often as I am usually the one behind the crowd. But, I liked it nonetheless.

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