Monday, December 29, 2008

Winding down to Goofy - If that is possible

Well, it is five days post-Christmas; it is nearly 70 degrees out; and ... The start of the "Goofy" is only 12 days away. WOW! After having done this in 2008 I wonder what made me want to do it again. Oh, yeah ... But, that as is said, is another story. This past week began a standard two-week taper into the full marathon: 20 miles on the 20th, 12+ miles on the 27th, and 10-12 miles this Saturday on the 3rd. I have managed to get some good cross training rides in as well which is great on the hamstrings and hips. TRUST ME!

This week holds a couple of short runs: Intervals on 12.30 (about 4.5 miles worth); 5-6 miles on 1.1.2009; and then 10 or so miles on Saturday 1.3.2009. I also plan to ride on the 1st (post run, of course) and again on the 4th per a usual cross training schedule. The week after that is the final taper into The Goofy: easy 3-4 miles on 1.6.2009 and then about 5 easy miles on 1.7.2009. Yikes, it didn't seem so intimidating in January (2008) when I joined the group and said, "Sure, I'll do that again." What was I thinking?!!? And then to run the Donna 26.2 on February 15th? Who put those stupid pills in my vitamin bottle? I'll get them, don't worry!

The "Year 2009" looks like this in the preliminary planning stages. Please take note that ALL, and I truly mean ALL (except Goofy and Donna) are subject to change.

10-11 Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge
17 GWTC 15/30K (I plan to run only the 15K - I'll still be in recovery mode)

1 Tallahassee 1/2 Marathon
15 26.2 with Donna: The National Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer

7 TRBC 10K (GWTC Grand Prix Race)
14 Gate River Run (15K) in Jacksonville
28 Spring Time Tallahassee 10K (Grand Prix Race)
29 Blue Line 100 Ride

4 Red Hills Triathlon (spectator only)
25 Rose City Run 10K

2 3 States 3 Mountains (Century Ride with Team IN Training...)

4 Freedom Springs Triathlon
or Peachtree 10K in Atlanta, Georgia
18 JAX Sprint Tri #2 (spectator only)

15 Breakfast on the Track 1 Mile Time Trials

19 Women's Distance Festival 5K (Grand Prix Race)
27 Six Gap 100 Ride in Delongah, Georgia

31 Boston (Georgia) Mini Marathon

26 Turkey Trot 15K (Grand Prix Race)

5 10 Mile Challenge (Grand Prix Race)

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