Monday, April 28, 2008

Things To Accomplish in 2008 - Updated

May, 2008
5.17.2008 Ride To Remember "Horse Country" Century Ride - Not this year :-(
5.18.2008 Watch Aidan, the 6 year-old, compete in his first triathlon: Red Hills for Kids
5.20.2008 Celebrate my mother's 60th Birthday

June, 2008
6.7.2008 Capital City Ride for Hope: A metric century founded by a student at the FSU College of Medicine in honor of his father, a cancer victim. (
Finished 3:46:14!!! 20 Minutes faster than the Blue Line 100
6.27-29.2008 Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club Long Course Invitational Meet (Tallahassee, FL)

July, 2008
7.4.2008 Freedom Springs Triathlon (for me really a DUathlon - I don't "do" the swim...)
7.19.2008 Take Colin to Jacksonville for the JAX TRI Series Sprint #2 (and then spend a week in St. Augustine with my family!!!)

August, 2008
8.23.2008 TriStates 100 Century Ride - Dothan, Alabama
8.24.2008 Celebrate 17 years of marriage to my wonderful husband!

September, 2008
9.20.2008 Take Colin to The Beach Blast Triathlon in Mexico Beach, Florida
9.30.2008 Celebrate Michael's 45th Birthday!!!

October, 2008
10.25.2008 Boston Mini Marathon (Boston, Georgia) OR
10.26.2008 (my 41st birthday) 33rd Marine Corps Marathon -
Registration opens at noon, 4.30.2008 I am officially REGISTERED!!!!!
10.31.2008 Celebrate my in-laws' 50th Wedding Anniversary

November, 2008
11.27.2008 Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K

December, 2008
12.6.2008 Ten Mile Challenge
12.6.2008 Jingle Bell Run (3K)
12.21.2008 Jacksonville Half Marathon???

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cakeburnette said...'s official...I have caught the "running" bug. I ran last night with the whole family (the kids like my version better than Mark's, and Mark was impressed with how I've been doing since he was away on a work trip when I started this whole thing). I actually look forward to getting my daily run in every day and get antsy if I think it's getting late and I'm going to miss it! Hah, hah! Who woulda thunk it? :P

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