Monday, February 4, 2008

Dropping Time in Tallahassee

Not many people think of Tallahassee and say, "Hmmm, I think I'd like to spend some time there." Well, I don't mean "spend time" when I speak of "dropping time." I mean it in an athletic and competitive sort of way.

This weekend, the first weekend of February, is traditionally the weekend of the Tallahassee Marathon and Half Marathon, the opening weekend of FSU Baseball season, and the weekend that the Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club (ATAC) holds its three-day Winter Short Course Invitation Meet. Not-to-mention, FSU basketball is going on just down the street near down town. A person can pick and choose from a nearly complete spectrum of sporting events. Wow!

Friday, Colin swam a personal best time in the 500 Yard Freestyle event "dropping" 4 seconds off his previous best time to come in at a 6:07. Saturday saw even better times for him with Colin swimming "fast" enough in the Preliminary rounds to make the Timed Finals that evening in the 200 Yard Freestyle and the 200 Backstroke (thus placing in the top 16 for each event).

Sunday morning, under crystal clear skies and in about 50 or so degree weather the Tallahassee Marathon and Half Marathon started on time at 7:30 a.m. At 9:28:59 I came into the finish area for a personal best time of 1:58:59 in the Half Marathon Distance. While not fast by any one else's standards, it was "screaming fast" for me and I had "dropped" nearly 13 minutes from my previous best of 2:12:59 in October.

I don't look like I'm having much fun in the photo. And, truthfully, I don't think I look like I am even running. And, I suppose at my pace, technically I am jogging. But, I did have a good run. It was hard toward the end, but I felt fine afterwards albeit VERY HUNGRY!

When I got to the pool, Colin reported that he had also "dropped" more time. In his 100 Yard Butterfly he had dropped about 3 seconds to place in the top 16 for the event. Later that morning he would also drop his 50 Yard Freestyle from 29.21 to 28.93, and breaking through another milestone - the 29 Second Free! Yippee! And, finally that morning, Colin swam the 1650 Yard Freestyle event, referred to by swimmers as "The Mile." He "dropped" 28 seconds in this event.

So, I highly recommend the First Weekend in February in Tallahassee! It is definitely a place to try and "drop some time." Put it on your calendar for next year. We'll all be here, hopefully dropping some more time!

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