Thursday, March 15, 2007

River Run - 2007

Although this race - the River Run in Jacksonville, Florida - began in 1978, I think that it must have been organized with a Team in Training reunion in mind. It seems that no matter where I/we go to run, TNT is there! Hooray! The "Purple People Eaters" were again out on the streets of yet another large city in full force.

The River Run is a 15K (9.3 lovely and exciting miles) that crosses the St. John's River TWICE: one nice bridge, and one not-so-nice bridge; and meanders through some of the more beautiful neighborhoods of river-front Jacksonville. The run is well managed, well supported, and very very well attended. I am told that more than 14,000 registered to run, and the results shown on are in excess of 11,000! Wow! All that for a local race. The Turkey Trot only dreams of this many people.

The "nice bridge" is in Mile 2, and is no big deal really. It is just a bridge: The Main Street Bridge. The "not-s0-nice bridge" is the Hart Bridge, affectionately known as The Green Monster, and it begins around mile 7.5; the crest of the bridge is Mile 8; and Mile 9 is at the base of the off-ramp of the same bridge. Yes, it goes on forever.

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